The Atlanta Area Suzuki Piano Association Newsletter February, 2012

Letter from the President

Brooke Chumachenko

Dear Friends,

It is hard to believe that 2012 is here already! I am happy to be serving as the new President of AASPA, but I must say it is a daunting task. The previous President handled so many things with dedication, and determination, and it is my goal to do the same.

As we go into the next year, I hope that we all can continue to move forward in our goal of making AASPA an organization that will be here for a long time. So many things have been going on these past few months. Our new board of directors was appointed, and hit the ground running. As a board, our goal is to get more of you involved, and together create a sense of community, motivation, inspiration and enthusiasm.

We have some exciting events coming up! Our 30th Graduation concert is next week and we hope that you will come to cheer on our graduates! In March, we're looking forward to hosting a workshop with Bruce Anderson as our guest teacher.

We have a wonderful group of teachers here in Atlanta, and it is easy for us to forget how special the programs are that these teachers provide. Please show your appreciation for our volunteer work, by attending the Graduation Concert at Spivey Hall, and supporting the workshops and other events.

I look forward to seeing AASPA continue to grow, and to provide high quality education for our students. I also hope that you will join in this endeavor. Please consider volunteering to help the association. Talk to your teacher to see how you can help.

On a final note I would like to thank the teachers and parents who are already volunteering. Without your giving spirit all of this would not be possible. A sincere thanks to each of you.

Brooke Chumachenko

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