Students Spotlight

We caught up with 12 year old students Luke Beam and Sara Kapasi both level 8 graduation participants, and also Tejas Manem a 17 year old who will be performing a Concerto for his level 10 graduation.

How long have each of you studied piano?

Luke: I started when I was almost 4 so about 8 years

Sara: I've studied for 9 years

Tejas: I have studied piano for a little over 8 1/2 years with Mrs. Russell

Who is your favorite composer?

Luke: Bach

Sara: Chopin

Tejas: Beethoven

Do you ever feel like you don't want to practice? If so, what do you do?

Luke: Practice!

Sara: Sometimes, I don't feel like practicing, but when I do, I realize that I'm capable of making music that makes me happy. Usually the music helps put me in a better mood and I end up practicing more.

Tejas: There are times when I don't feel like practicing and am not motivated. Usually I just tell myself to start now, rather than continue waiting so I can finish my practice earlier.

What are your plans for the summer?

Luke: I'm going to Louisville Piano Camp, and also studying Suzuki classical guitar.

Sara: I'm going to John Hopkins sponsored CTY (Center for Talented Youth) for a 3 week camp on freshman biology and also going to squash camp.

Tejas: No plans for the summer yet!

What does playing at Spivey Hall mean to you?

Luke: Spivey is so nice to play in. The acoustics are great and I love to play in front of the audience

Sara: When I play at Spivey I feel like I have accomplished a goal to make myself better and to make other people happy through music.

Tejas: For me, Spivey provides an opportunity to perform and show myself playing at my highest level. It allows me to express what I have spent countless hours working towards, not just for that one piece but what I have achieved over the years

We hope you'll join us in cheering for and congratulating these students on Sunday June 4 at 2pm in the fabulous Spivey Hall!